Who is moi?

I am Natalie Le Guerrier, a knitter living the vegan life in Montreal.   My last name literally translates to The Warrior. So, some social media places I can be found under natwarrior!

I am a self-taught knitter who’s been doing this since the 90’s. I especially love to knit cables and lace. I just add them to most of my projects!

May 23rd, 2009 I opened Knits By Nat on Etsy to sell my knit items. A couple of years later I opened Knits By Nat Designs to sell my patterns.

I first started my conversations on Blogger : Knits By Nat . I have a blog about a 365 project where I knit One Cup Cozy a Day. I actually knit 366 cup cozies since I did it during a leap year!


What you will find here :

  • Conversations on knitting. I am crazy about knitting stitch pattern books! There will be a lot of magic loop knitting, I don’t knit with dpns. I knit my cables without cable needles. I knit with acrylics, cotton, linen, viscose, bamboo and any other non-animal fibres. I hope to get you excited about knitting!
  • Conversations about vegan stuff; food, places to shop, clothing etc. Don’t worry I don’t show gory, ugly photos. Being vegan is so easy!
  • Conversations about doing business such as photography, marketing and such. I’m not an expert but do see things that could be done better.
  • Conversations about life, Montreal and other subjects!

What you will not find here :

  • Conversations about socks. I just don’t knit them.
  • Conversations about crochet. The only technique I master is the simple chain for a provisional cast-on.
  • Conversations about animal fibre yarns. I don’t knit with them so I can’t help you out with substitutions!


I have wonderful happy customers all over the world :

“Scarf is lovely and was custom made for me in a colour of my choice. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

K. from Australia

“Beautiful scarf, in such a wonderful shade of green, and so lovingly made–it will be greatly enjoyed. Thanks Natalie!”

S. from the U.S.

“Beautiful creations, warm colors for our cold winters ! From a Canuck to another ! Great collection, I will be tempted to buy more !”

G. from Canada

“An absolutely beautiful, well-made scarf! Can’t wait until I can get another one!”

S. from the U.S.

“Got my absolutely gorgeous scarves and fingerless mittens from Knits by Nat today. I had to put them back in the box and put them away before Mum stole them from me! The pictures on the web site definitely do not do them justice. Simply gorgeous”

B. from Australia

Vous parlez français? Voiçi où aller : Tricots Knits By Nat Tout ne sera pas traduit ex quand je parle d’un livre disponible uniquement en anglais ou d’une activité uniquement anglophone etc.